Patrick shares his story and the lessons he learnt from the years since he was almost killed from an assault, and how he became resilient, strong and most importantly make the most of the days he has. He is an Anti-Violence Ambassador for Enough Is Enough, educating high school students on how to celebrate safely.

Patrick helps business’ and individuals understand how to draw on their strength, resilience and determination to achieve the best results and be the best version of themselves. 

Patrick can unleash your drive and your team’s drive. There’s something inherently in you that you’re driven to do and it does not plateau, because it’s you. Motivation only works for a period of time but inner drive when ignited can be continuously burned when fuelled correctly.

Project Management

We are a boutique firm which help clients, businesses and individuals effectively and seamlessly manage their existing portfolio and deliver projects transparently and with innovative methods to save time and money.

We have a no B.S. policy and believe in complete transparency and innovation.  Your best interest, becomes ours.

Tech Entrepreneur

For the last 18 months, Patrick has gone through the ups and downs of getting a tech company off the ground. Created connections, developed a deep understanding of the tech space and will soon be raising capital for it’s launch. Advice and collaboration is always welcome and given.

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